Sexual orientation: when hawkeye is actually included in posts about the avengers

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I swear to god I am the only person in the world who can create an au where Chain is a dragon and i am a princess and Marie is a deer prince while simultaneously giving a friend solid life advice. What even in my life

I need more aromantic/grayromantic characters in my life

eenzymes asked: Do you have any thoughts on Bucky being genderqueer?




I….do not have any in specific (aside from yes, tell me more) but if anyone else has some, I’d really love to hear it. Paging moonyinthesky or somehowunbroken, maybe? 

yes yes yes let’s talk about genderqueer bucky.

let’s talk about genderfluid bucky, growing up in brooklyn where it gets frigid in the winters, bundled up in coats to keep warm. and when asked, “hey, who are you,” can answer with anything - however zie’s feeling that day, james or rebecca or just bucky, because it’s four below zero and everyone’s teeth are chattering, and everyone’s so bundled up that nobody can identify anybody, so it doesn’t matter who zie is, not to anyone but zirself.

let’s talk about androgynous bucky, with slicked back hair and suspenders and a little rouge stolen from ma’s dresser drawer, going out on the town and turning all the heads and loving every second of it.

let’s talk about agender bucky, no sir no other name, just bucky, because that’s what fits and that’s what works and who decided that your parts mean who you gotta be, anyway? so no, you don’t get to know, and you’re gonna have to live with it.

let’s talk about bigender bucky, who can effortlessly switch from being one of the guys when they’re gathered around the campfire, just another one of cap’s soldiers, to being steve’s girl when they retire to their tent. and steve’s always steve to bucky, but sometimes bucky is james and other times rebecca, and steve always, always asks first.

let’s talk about femme bucky, who envies the way agent carter wears lipstick around base, who doesn’t know how to say thanks when peggy doesn’t make a big deal about slipping an extra tube into the new pair of socks he requisitions. steve draws on his nylons for him, a thick line up the backs of his thighs just like the ladies at home do because it’s too expensive to get the real deal, and when he’s alone with steve he’s got his nylons and his lipstick, and it’s better armor than the stuff they gave him for war.

let’s talk about bucky hating the society that zie’s forced to conform to, hating the war but not minding so much the freedoms it affords a soldier in the trenches, and waking up years and years into the future, recalling every horrible thing that zie’s been forced to do, having to deal with it, but finally, finally being in a time that’s more accepting of who zie is - and who zie isn’t.

let’s talk about genderqueer bucky. let’s keep talking about zir.



I hear you like Jason Todd


I hear you like Jason Todd

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Altair needs to just get the fuck over Maria like stop dude she isn’t into you and has literally tried to kill you jfc

I never expected to have this many emotions about baby assassins

this descends into crack much faster than the bit above the cut would lead you to believe.


you know what i keep thinking about, is a fic where bucky was like, fucking somebody else in the 107th, before they got captured, before he knew steve was coming over, because he was lonely and horny and pretty sure he was going to die, and whatever, just, whatever

and that guy died, maybe, or wasn’t in the HC, or just sort of…. vanished, after steve showed up, like everyone more or less did, for bucky


but in the ensuing years either he remained alive, and told people about it, or his journal survived somehow

and so bucky barnes became… kind of an icon, for the queer community? this famous war hero, captain america’s right hand, confirmed as having fucked other men by at least one primary source

and so when bucky is relearning himself, based on like, SHIT OTHER PEOPLE SAY OR HAVE SAID, he has to discover his own sexuality through the lens of having been analyzed as part of queer theory and history classes?



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